About Homeys

Grab a cuppa and learn a little more about us!

Hello, my name's Dan and I created Homeys

You are about to join the most wonderful club in the world. This club doesn’t want you to run faster, throw further, be thinner, be tanned, be strong. You don’t have to add a friend, send a text, log on or even move from right where you are. In fact, this club simply wants you to be you.

It just wants you to do one small thing, possibly the greatest thing we all love to do. Stay in. Bond with your couch, wear your comfiest clothing, eat pizza, order curry, drink tea, drink beer, play Playstation, watch Netflix, have friends over; in fact just don’t do anything that requires any effort whatsoever.

This club celebrates the home, the sanctuary where you know everyone else that lives there and they know you. No pretence, just a beautiful homage to (hu)man’s unsung favourite pastime, laziness.

Welcome to Homeys. They’re dead comfy.