Sizing Help

If your Homeys feel a little snug when you first put them on, fear not, after just a few wears, they will start to give a little to accommodate your feet and give you that perfect 'ahh' feeling. We've popped together this handy Size and Fitting Guide for more information.

Size Chart

Men's Size Guide

XXS 3-4 35.5-37 3.5-4.5
XS 5-6 38-39 5.5-6.5
S 7-8 40.5-42 7.5-8.5
M 9-10 43-44.5 9.5-10.5
L 11-12 46-47 11.5-12.5
XL 13-14 48-49.5 12.5-13.5
Women's Size Guide

Women's Size Guide

S 3-4 36-37 5-6
M 5-6 38-39 7-8
L 7-8 40-41 9-10

On top of that handy table, we thought we’d dedicate a whole page to the subject of fit so we can let you into the magical world of slipper sizing!

Hold tight, here we go.

There is roughly 8mm between any given shoe size so 7-8 is 8mm, 1-2 is 8mm you get the idea. The reason we are able to cross shoe sizes is that we are a fabric based shoe. Just by the nature of the soft materials we use they will give roughly around half a size when you’ve padded around in them for a bit.

So, if you are a Men's 10 and you get a pair of Medium 9-10 they will always feel snug on first try as you are actually putting on a 9.5. However, for those who were paying attention, they will give half a size with wear creating the perfect fitting house shoe. Whereas if you are a size 9 there won’t be as much stretching going on and there is only an extra 4mm which your toes won’t notice as they are too busy being lovely and snuggly. Hooray!!

So now we’ve let you into our little Homeys secret, below are some other questions we get asked about fit. We thought we’d think of all the usual ones so you can go and get yourself a brew rather than emailing us.


Do we ever change our sizes?

Not on your nelly! Homeys have had the same size moulds for over 10 years, so you know you can always get another pair when yours eventually go to Homeys Heaven.

A new pair can often feel pretty tight compared to your lovely but old knackered ones, but now you know why that is, don’t you? That’s right, they haven’t stretched out just yet! We don’t blame you – Homeys slippers last so long, you can often forget that your last pair started out in exactly the same way.

Does the material used in different designs effect the size?

Nope! Well, not generally. A knitted pair can often give a little more than one of the more tightly woven fabrics but only minimally.  But most of our fabrics are tight-knit, so have no fear.

Are the mens and womens sizes the same?

Yes, they are, actually.A small men’s is the same mould as a large women’s. We’re all for gender-neutral fitting slippers ’round here, don’t you know!

Are they machine washable? (Not exactly sizing, we know, but we do get asked a lot) 

The best way to keep your pair of Homeys looking tip-top, is to give them a cool sink wash, avoiding detergents that could damage the fabric.

We’ve heard whispers in the halls at Homeys Manor that some pairs have survived the delicate wool spin, sometimes more than once – but only at your own risk!

We certainly wouldn’t advise using a washing machine on your Homeys as we have seen some genuinely horrific results when they come out! We’re still having nightmares.

Can a pair be wrongly sized?

Not a chance, buddy boy! The way Homeys are made is with a massive Homeys making machine we like to call Big Brenda.

She is programmed to make each pair precisely to size and exactly the same as each pair running through her on that particular size mould. Basically, it’s physically impossible for Big B to make a boo-boo – she just ain’t built that way.